Matej Mohoric rushed to hospital after the horror crash of the Giro d’Italia when the bike split in two | Others | Sports

Matej Mohoric was landed on his head and hospitalized after a horror collision at the Giro d’Italia. The 26-year-old raced up the mountain in second place on the 9th stage when he flipped his handlebars and landed upside down.

His bike broke in half when the following pack tried to avoid the collision.

Mohoric first got up and sat on a cordon at the roadside as he grappled with what had just happened.

A spare wheel was brought with him in the hope that he could continue driving.

But Mohoric was instead placed on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance for treatment.

“He just overcooked it,” Adam Blythe said in the Eurosport comment.

“It looks like he’s just losing a little of his rear wheel and high sides. He hit a stone on the inside and I think the fork came off the bike.

“Terrible crash, highsider. You can see that the forks are neatly snapped in half. “

The crash ended a difficult period for the Bahrain Victorious team after Mohoric’s teammate Mikel Landa was also forced to retire after being eliminated on Stage 5.

Landa broke her collarbone and multiple ribs in a serious fall early in the competition. He’s waiting for an operation.

Mohoric’s situation remains unknown as he awaits further examinations in the hospital.

“Matej Mohoric crashed on the ninth stage on a descent. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance for radiological diagnostics,” Bahrain Victorious said in a statement.

“He is being kept under surveillance according to the UCI Seismic Protocol.”