MotoGP, Valentino’s banner removed from Tavullia’s medieval walls

Valentino Rossi withdrew and his Tavullia banners disappeared. But it’s not about his fans falling in love with him. It was a request from the Superintendent of Ancona, since the Courier Adriatico reported.

So is the big yellow banner that says “Thank you Vale! And even “Yellow Park”, the playground at the foot of the walls dedicated to children, does not seem to respect the surrounding medieval architecture.

It was reported to the Sabap Marche (Superintendent of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscapes of the Marche Region) by a local resident who is a member of “Italia Nostra” (a non-profit organization for the protection and promotion of the historical, artistic and ecological heritage). A decision has not yet been made regarding these banners, but the city has decided to remove them for the time being pending the decision of the superintendent.

Many who turn up their noses at this decision. Not only because of their preference for their roommates, but because these banners and especially the park would have redeveloped the area. Now the ball is in the hands of the superintendent.