MotoGP, Rossi and Vinales with the new Yamaha fairing

Maio Meregalli had anticipated it this morning and was true to his word: Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales were able to use a new fairing during the Brno test. The concept is similar to what we’d already seen from Yamaha, with winglets incorporated into the fairing, but there are also some significant changes.

The most obvious is the shape of the front fairing, now ironed along the side to create two wings and generate aerodynamic load. In addition, there are now four wings incorporated into the sides of the fairing.

It is not as extreme as Ducati’s proposal but is nevertheless an important development, tested today, just a few days before the Austrian GP. the Red Bull Ring is one of those tracks where last year’s wings offered significant advantages, in this way the Japanese engineers have tried to make up for these in part.

Let’s not forget that Tsuya, Yamaha project leader, had stated on Friday that “abolishing the wings was a mistake”. Today the manufacturer laid his cards on the table.